Ce plugin fournit des rapports supplémentaires.

Fonctionnalités principales :
  • Il permet d’ajouter très facilement de nouveaux rapports (via l’ajout d’un fichier PHP pour le rapport et un fichier de langue associé).
  • Il prend en charge la gestion de droits de tout nouveau rapport ajouté.
  • Il fournit quelques rapports (pour exemple)


This plugin enables additional reports.

Main features :
  • It also plugin allow you to add new reports in a simply way (one PHP script for the report and one for the translation).
  • It handle the right for each new report
  • It provides some new reports (as sample)

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Manager: remi, yllen
Developer: orthagh, tsmr
Reporter: Elwyn
Wiki editor: Elwyn, Tef

Latest news

Version 1.7.0
Added by yllen over 1 year ago

Version 1.6.1 for GLPI 0.83.3
Added by yllen almost 3 years ago

version 1.6.0
released for GLPI 0.83
Added by remi about 3 years ago

version 1.5.0
released for GLPI 0.80
Added by remi almost 4 years ago

version 1.4.1
Bugfix version for GLPI 0.78.x
Added by remi almost 4 years ago

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