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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Author Assignee Category Target version % Done
4889 ThèmesBugNewBlackGLPI theme display issue with FusionInventory menusMiridanMiridan

4887 mantisFeatureNew Gérer l'escalade des Problèmesyeti0.84+2.0

4885 mantisFeatureNewTransfert vers MantisBT des informations d'un ticket GLPI : doit être en optionyeti0.84+2.0

4884 mantisFeatureNewTickets liés (dupliqués) au ticket GLPI escaladéyeti0.84+1.0

4883 mantisFeatureNewEtat du ticket GLPI après escalade vers MantisBTyeti0.84+2.0

4881 FormcreatorTaskResolvedPHP5.5 : preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecatedorthaghdethegeek

4880 FormcreatorTaskNewSuggestion - Add a preview tab in form configurationorthagh

4879 FormcreatorBugNewDon't use priority in target formorthagh

4874 WebServicesBugNewMethod getObjectyllenunplanned

4868 simcardBugFeedbackWhen plugin is active, users may be unable to show details of users (menu administration, users)dethegeekdethegeek

4866 WebServicesBugResolvedfunction getItemsyllenyllen1.4.3

4863 pulse2FeatureNewWork for GLPI 0.84yllenyllen0.84

4855 Item UninstallationBugResolvedCan export in PDF when replacing an itemorthaghorthagh2.2.0

4850 Data InjectionFeatureResolvedPort to GLPI 0.85orthaghorthagh2.4.0

4845 simcardTaskNewGLPI 0.84 portorthaghivamp0.84

4835 wallboardBugNewcall closed 2013benoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4833 wallboardBugNewerror when creating a query for tickets processing 2014benoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4832 wallboardBugNewerror when creating a task time query in wallboardbenoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4831 Additional ReportsFeatureNewadd new criteria in report Duplicate computersyllenUnplanned

4825 EscaladeBugResolvedFitrage des groupes et profilorthaghOrkin2.0.2

4823 Plus de rapportsBugNewdon't use $LANG['plugin_mreporting']["error"][0] when no correponding locale entry found for current reportorthagh

4812 dumpentityFeatureNewWork for GLPI 0.84.5yllenyllen1.4.0

4807 Data InjectionBugNewProblem with plugin customfieldsddurieux

4799 Additional ReportsBugNewbug in usercriteriayllenUnplanned

4788 GLPI DocumentationTaskNewReview components managementmoyo0.85

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