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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Author Assignee Category Target version % Done
4879 FormcreatorBugNewDon't use priority in target formorthagh

4877 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedReport contract listyllenyllenStats / Reports0.84.6

4875 GLPI-PROJECTBugNewEncoding emailyllenHelpdesk0.84.6

4874 WebServicesBugNewMethod getObjectyllenunplanned

4872 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedIP search not usable on huge databasemoyomoyoSearch Engine0.85

4871 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedSession cron troublemoyomoyoAdministration0.84.6

4870 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedPredefined fields for status on tikcet templatemoyomoyoHelpdesk0.84.6

4869 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedTicket recurrent trouble with summer timemoyomoyoHelpdesk0.84.6

4868 simcardBugFeedbackWhen plugin is active, users may be unable to show details of users (menu administration, users)dethegeekdethegeek

4866 WebServicesBugResolvedfunction getItemsyllenyllen1.4.3

4865 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedBug in mandatory actors : mandatory may be deletedyllenHelpdesk0.84.6

4859 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedDisplay Followup or task in search engineyllenmoyoHelpdesk0.84.6

4855 Item UninstallationBugResolvedCan export in PDF when replacing an itemorthaghorthagh2.2.0

4848 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedBug for SLA defined in ticket templates for post-onlymoyomoyoHelpdesk0.84.6

4843 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedWrong entity for document added from an itemyllenyllenCommon0.84.6

4842 GLPI-PROJECTBugFeedbackcan change closed date of a closed ticketyllenHelpdeskUnplanned

4835 wallboardBugNewcall closed 2013benoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4833 wallboardBugNewerror when creating a query for tickets processing 2014benoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4832 wallboardBugNewerror when creating a task time query in wallboardbenoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4829 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedcan't change ticket type if predefinedyllenmoyoHelpdesk0.84.6

4825 EscaladeBugResolvedFitrage des groupes et profilorthaghOrkin2.0.2

4823 Plus de rapportsBugNewdon't use $LANG['plugin_mreporting']["error"][0] when no correponding locale entry found for current reportorthagh

4814 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedPredefined fields in ticket templateyllenyllenHelpdesk0.84.6

4807 Data InjectionBugNewProblem with plugin customfieldsddurieux

4799 Additional ReportsBugNewbug in usercriteriayllenUnplanned

4795 backupsBugResolvedSQL Error on updatetsmrtsmrGeneral1.5.1

4778 projetBugNewAdd ajax for select parent task / projecttsmrUnplanned

4769 reformeBugAssignedSupprimer utilisateur viducviduc

4768 reformeBugAssignedmodifier vie du log lors d'une restaurationviducviduc

4755 monitoringBugNewMise à jour 0.84+1.0 vers 0.84+1.2Jm0u

4744 Plus de rapportsBugResolvedRemove unused font files in tcpdf liborthagh2.1.1

4740 GLPI-PROJECTBugNewSearch on dropdown with AND NOT link moyoSearch EngineCandidate for next major version

4724 Plus de rapportsBugResolvedLe graphique "EVOLUTION DU NOMBRE DE TICKET SUR LA PÉRIODE" en ligne affiche une aireMiridanorthagh2.1

4721 monitoringBugNewonglet Synthése : catalogue de composantJm0u

4719 monitoringBugNewChangement de nom d'un composant lié au business rulesJm0u

4718 monitoringBugNewcomposant contenant des / dans business rulesJm0u

4699 Plus de rapportsBugResolvedreportHbarTicketNumberByLocation : missing bars when too much locations displayedtbugierorthagh2.1

4689 appliancesBugResolved Léger défaut d'affichageyllenyllenFramework1.9.1

4676 monitoringBugNewMise à jour entites_id ne se fait pasJm0u

4672 monitoringBugNewNotification Catalogue de services : Mauvaise InformationJm0u

4670 positionsBugNewVerify object name position on maptsmrludoUnplanned

4668 monitoringBugNewRedémarrage Shinken via GLPIJm0u

4657 GLPI-PROJECTBugFeedbackTesting businness rulesyllenRules EnginesCandidate for next major version

4652 monitoringBugNewOnglet contact dans catalogue de service.Jm0u

4645 monitoringBugNewOnglet Rapport Simple- Catalogue de composantJm0u

4643 monitoringBugNewonglet monitoring ressources (graph)Jm0u

4641 monitoringBugNewonglet monitoring ressources (graph)Jm0u

4631 monitoringBugNewOnglet Rapport - Catalogue de composantJm0uddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.84+1.1

4622 monitoringBugNewNotification reçu même pour des check en acknowledgeJm0u

4614 ocsinventoryngBugNewProblem with rule engine criteria (is present in GLPI)ddurieux

4610 Generic ObjectBugNewthe readme file doesnt tell to also put apache permissions on the locale directorybenoitmortierorthagh2.3.2

4556 customfieldsBugNewCannot make static method CommonDropdown::canCreate() non static in class PluginCustomfieldsDropdownsItemgaio

4550 ocsinventoryngBugNewCannot create mapping to Unknown types from OCStsmrwebmyster1.0.3

4544 GLPI-PROJECTBugAssignedsuppression d'un élément de parc qui est inventorié automatiquementddurieuxddurieuxInventory0.84.6

4539 customfieldsBugNewplugin fill the log of php errorsgaio

4478 addressingBugResolvedErrors on SQL queriestsmr2.1.1

4451 monitoringBugNewerror delete service in computer objectJm0uddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.84+1.1

4413 FormcreatorBugNewDate picker localizationtorabora

4404 projetBugNewFrom templates, tasks hierarchy is droppedtsmrtsmrUnplanned

4387 Order ManagementBugResolvedError on link licensetsmrtsmrNot defined

4322 Internet Protocol Address ManagementBugNewRemove PluginIpamDynamicImport when it's been resolvedwebmyster

4317 monitoringBugNewAjouter la possibilité d'activer ou non un contrôle.Jm0uPlugin_monitoring 0.85+1.0

4307 resourcesBugNewSee template tasks on tasks listtsmrtsmrFramework1.9.2

4268 Order ManagementBugNewPut taken delivery notification backwalid

4260 Best ManagementBugAssignedErreur à l'installationb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

4218 monitoringBugNewAdd message of shinken state in daskboardddurieuxddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.83+2.4

4215 timelineticketBugNewOpen ticket by collector produce fatal errorddurieuxddurieux0.83+1.2

4203 Generic ObjectBugNewclean bookmark on desinstallationddurieux

4202 Generic ObjectBugNewclean bookmarks on desinstallationtsmr

4133 treeviewBugResolvedError load class into setuptsmrtsmrGeneral1.6.2

4113 GLPI-PROJECTBugNewDescription de la solution perdueyllenHelpdeskUnplanned

4112 GLPI-PROJECTBugNewLost solution type when loading solution from KByllenHelpdeskUnplanned

4099 Data InjectionBugNewCannot inject technical groupwalidwalidUnplanned

4072 EscaladeBugNewerreur de chargement de session à l'installation du pluginorthaghorthagh

4062 monitoringBugNewOn rule of switch port, it may get right switch portsddurieuxddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.83+2.4

4047 Best ManagementBugAssignedGestion en nombre de ticketb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

4042 GLPI-PROJECTBugNewDefinitely fix the requirement of getSingular for getTableForItemTypewebmysterFrameworkUnplanned

4035 monitoringBugNewerreur sur l'onglet monitoring-ressources d'un itemJm0u

4034 monitoringBugNewbug à l'affichage des graphiquesJm0uddurieux

4032 monitoringBugNewerreur sur l'onglet graph configuration pour la fiche ComposantJm0uddurieux

4013 Order ManagementBugResolvedCannot transfer referencestsmrwalidNot defined

3991 Generic ObjectBugResolvedFields list for an itemtype doesn't remove dropdowns that are already addedwalidwalidFramework2.2.0

3911 wallboardBugNewles liens dans les vues textes cree dans wallboard 0.80 ne menent nulle partbenoitmortierddurieux

3863 Data InjectionBugNewNetwork ports are duplicated even if they existwalidwalid

3853 ocsinventoryngBugNewUUID not present in server configurationtsmr

3834 Order ManagementBugNewCannot delete an order when it's canceledwalidwalidNot defined

3816 Best ManagementBugAssigned Bug plugin Bestmanagementb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3815 Best ManagementBugAssigned Lien vers les contrats, dans les mails, en mode CLIb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3814 WebServicesBugNewcreateTicket: add assign parametersremiunplanned

3783 NediImportBugNewcommonFooter function doesn't exist anymore in GLPIvongillusvongillusNediImport 0.1.0

3782 NediImportBugNewNetwork outlets are not displayed for computers which are connectedvongillusvongillusNediImport 0.1.0

3779 RoomBugResolvedImpossible de charger / afficher une salle d'une sous-entités, si récursive.PinPinPinPin3.0.2

3778 NediImportBugNewSomething goes wrong with cron tasksvongillusvongillusNediImport 0.1.0

3609 Plus de rapportsBugNewBig graph on export ODTyetitsmr

3492 customfieldsBugNew[glpi-0.80]crash on itemtype search list when a field activated is deletedorthagh

3333 monitoringBugNewDisplay graph RRDTOOL when click on a ressourceddurieuxddurieuxAndroid application 0.0.2

3263 barscodeBugNewremove barcode.php entry in menu pluginsddurieux

3165 installationsBugResolvedCannot send to a group on installtion notificationtsmrtsmrMailing1.7.1

3155 OCS ImportBugNewNot imported computers : error on new importtsmr

3100 mobileBugNewbookmark loadingorthaghorthagh1.1

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