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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Author Assignee Category Target version % Done
4831 Additional ReportsFeatureNewadd new criteria in report Duplicate computersyllenUnplanned

4799 Additional ReportsBugNewbug in usercriteriayllenUnplanned

1603 Additional ReportsFeatureAssignedNew duplicate criteriawalidremiUnplanned

4478 addressingBugResolvedErrors on SQL queriestsmr2.1.1

2927 addressingFeatureNewPing IP of items already in GLPI, and display them in a specific color when they can't be pingedwalidIntegrationNot planned

2926 addressingFeatureNewImprove reserved IP managementwalidIntegrationNot planned

2256 AdsmTapeBugNewBugs FormulairesDarkSnw

2255 AdsmTapeTaskNewUpgrade to 0.78DarkSnwDarkSnw

2245 aliasTaskAssignedUpgrade for 0.78StefmcpStefmcp1.2.0

4741 ApacheAuthDBDFeatureNewVérifier la compatibilité avec la version 0.85ymolinetVersion 0.85+1.0

4689 appliancesBugResolved Léger défaut d'affichageyllenyllenFramework1.9.1

2126 archiresFeatureNewAdd netpoint informationstsmrDisplayNot planned

4795 backupsBugResolvedSQL Error on updatetsmrtsmrGeneral1.5.1

4731 barscodeFeatureNewAdd possibility to create barcode of ticket with number of ticketddurieux

4523 barscodeFeatureNewuse barcode on all devices (printer, phone...)ddurieux

3277 barscodeFeatureNewAdd QRCode generationddurieux

3263 barscodeBugNewremove barcode.php entry in menu pluginsddurieux

4784 BehaviorsFeatureAssignedAdd event for documentyllenddurieux0.84.2

4356 BehaviorsFeatureNewDelete notification on answer of a satisfaction surveyyllen0.85

3738 BehaviorsFeatureNewTicket category mandatory to solve/close ticketremiunplanned

2803 BehaviorsFeatureNewMake solution description mandatoryremiunplanned

2802 BehaviorsFeatureNewDeny change a closed ticketremiunplanned

4261 Best ManagementTaskAssignedTest du plugin avec GLPI 0.84b.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

4260 Best ManagementBugAssignedErreur à l'installationb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

4047 Best ManagementBugAssignedGestion en nombre de ticketb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3826 Best ManagementFeatureNewAjout option rapport de tous les contratsmernic

3816 Best ManagementBugAssigned Bug plugin Bestmanagementb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3815 Best ManagementBugAssigned Lien vers les contrats, dans les mails, en mode CLIb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3638 Best ManagementFeatureAssignedAfficher le nom des contrats sur le récapitulatifb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3616 Best ManagementFeatureAssignedRécapitulatif des contrats : masquer les contrats dont la gestion n'est pas définieb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3615 Best ManagementFeatureNewContact technique et commercialb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3614 Best ManagementFeatureNewArréter un contratb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

3296 Best ManagementFeatureAssignedContrat par défautb.llorcab.llorcaUnplanned

2213 Best ManagementFeatureNewTickets associésmernicmernicUnplanned

2177 Best ManagementTaskNewAjouter les contrats non facturés au mailingmernicmernicUnplanned

2167 Best ManagementFeatureNewMail lors d'une clôture de ticketmernicmernicUnplanned

2145 Best ManagementFeatureNewPersonnaliser les champs du mailingmernicUnplanned

2772 callcenterBugResolvedImpossible to add a ticketwalidSphynXz1.0 RC1

2771 callcenterBugResolvedDo not set priority but urgencywalidSphynXz1.0 RC1

2770 callcenterBugResolvedRoot entity is not listed in the entities dropdownwalidSphynXz1.0 RC1

2431 CentreonFeatureNewajouter une action automatique avec notification vérifiant les éléments non associés dans GLPIJm0u

2427 CentreonFeatureNewPouvoir ouvrir un ticket depuis GLPI sur un incidentJm0u

2419 CentreonFeatureAssignedSupprimer un commentaire depuis l'interface de GLPIJm0uJm0u1.6.0

2418 CentreonFeatureAssignedAjouter un commentaire depuis l'interface de GLPIJm0uJm0u1.6.0

2414 CentreonBugNewle changement de date pour l'affichage des status ne fonctionne pasJm0u

2413 CentreonBugNewRevoir le calcul des status Jm0u

2412 CentreonTaskNewAjouter l'export PDF d'un service CentreonJm0uIntegration

2411 CentreonTaskNewAjouter l'export PDF d'un host CentreonJm0uIntegration

2407 CentreonFeatureAssignedCréer un host Centreon depuis GLPIJm0uJm0u

2336 CentreonFeatureAssignedVoir les graphs de Centreon dans l'interface de GLPI via l'autologon CentreonJm0uJm0uIntegration1.6.0

2325 CentreonFeatureNewVoir la dépendance des templates des servicesJm0u

2324 CentreonFeatureNewVoir la dépendance des templates des hôstsJm0u

2322 CentreonFeatureNewAssocier un groupe d'host au serveur dans centreon celon des critères pris dans GLPIJm0uIntegration1.6.0

2321 CentreonFeatureNewPouvoir créer des groupes dans centreon depuis GLPIJm0uJm0uIntegration1.6.0

2901 ConnectionsBugNew1.6.0 multiple errors in update-1.6.0.sqlelacour

2878 ConnectionsBugNewConflict with environment pluginelacour

2877 ConnectionsBugNewSmall translation typo in 1.6.0elacour

2876 ConnectionsBugNew1.6.0 not fully ready for GLPI 0.78+elacour

4556 customfieldsBugNewCannot make static method CommonDropdown::canCreate() non static in class PluginCustomfieldsDropdownsItemgaio

4539 customfieldsBugNewplugin fill the log of php errorsgaio

3492 customfieldsBugNew[glpi-0.80]crash on itemtype search list when a field activated is deletedorthagh

3444 customfieldsFeatureResolvedCustomfields for pluginswalidwalid1.3.0

2962 customfieldsBugNewDependent fieldsFranciX

2015 customfieldsFeatureNewEnable CF on the Domain

1983 customfieldsFeatureNewRework permissions tablerfoster

1737 customfieldsFeatureNewAdd URL/URI typerfoster

1642 customfieldsFeatureNewFiller

1641 customfieldsFeatureNewStandard

1479 customfieldsTaskNewgeneric object

1478 customfieldsFeatureNewImport /

4850 Data InjectionFeatureResolvedPort to GLPI 0.85orthaghorthagh2.4.0

4807 Data InjectionBugNewProblem with plugin customfieldsddurieux

4099 Data InjectionBugNewCannot inject technical groupwalidwalidUnplanned

3863 Data InjectionBugNewNetwork ports are duplicated even if they existwalidwalid

2603 Data InjectionFeatureNewManage PluginDatainjectionModel type (import of model)remi

2131 Data InjectionFeatureNewManage mappings itemtype.fieldwalidwalid

2123 Data InjectionFeatureNewDo not load the whole CSV file when importing datawalidwalid

1886 Data InjectionFeatureNewCan perform actions before importwalidwalid

1561 Data InjectionFeatureNewAllow IP or Mac as a link field ?walid

1557 Data InjectionFeatureNewAdd a test suitewalid

1556 Data InjectionFeatureNewFields set by the model creatorwalidwalid

1555 Data InjectionFeatureNewInjection of xml fileswalid

1554 Data InjectionFeatureNewManage multivalues inside a csv cellwalid

2623 databasesFeatureNewschema InventorytsmrGeneralNot planned

1900 databasesFeatureAssignedAdd plugin PDF UsingtsmrtsmrGeneralNot planned

2290 domainsTaskNewPermettre d'ajouter la liste des sous domainesJm0uNot planned

2003 domainsFeatureNewAdd new fieldstsmrFrameworkNot planned

4812 dumpentityFeatureNewWork for GLPI 0.84.5yllenyllen1.4.0

4825 EscaladeBugResolvedFitrage des groupes et profilorthaghOrkin2.0.2

4210 EscaladeFeatureNewEvolution de l'attribution rapide d'un technicienorthagh

4209 EscaladeFeatureNew[Config]Selection des sous-éléments lors d'un clonage de ticketsorthagh

4072 EscaladeBugNewerreur de chargement de session à l'installation du pluginorthaghorthagh

4071 EscaladeFeatureNewbesoin d'initialiser l'historique sur les tickets non résolu à l'installation du ticketorthaghorthagh

4230 escalationFeatureNewAdd lang translationddurieuxddurieux0.83+1.3

4229 escalationFeatureNewAdd ticket copyddurieuxddurieux0.83+1.3

4881 FormcreatorTaskResolvedPHP5.5 : preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecatedorthaghdethegeek

4880 FormcreatorTaskNewSuggestion - Add a preview tab in form configurationorthagh

4879 FormcreatorBugNewDon't use priority in target formorthagh

4413 FormcreatorBugNewDate picker localizationtorabora

4195 FormcreatorFeatureNewPossibility to make a pdf of the form input directly in the ticketnicotontige

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