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4668 monitoringBugNewRedémarrage Shinken via GLPIJm0u

4667 monitoringFeatureNewGestionnaire d'évènement (event handler) : Ajout onglet copierJm0u

4662 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackAdd recursivity for templateyllenInventoryUnplanned

4659 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackAdd target for notificationtagetplanningyllenNotifications / AlertsCandidate for next major version

4657 GLPI-PROJECTBugFeedbackTesting businness rulesyllenRules EnginesCandidate for next major version

4656 monitoringFeatureNewAcknowledgeJm0u

4655 monitoringFeatureNewNotification : Catalogue de service . item en acknowledgeJm0u

4654 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackRenewal management for contractsyllenmoyoManagement0.86

4653 monitoringFeatureNewAkcnowledge sur les catalogues de servicesJm0u

4652 monitoringBugNewOnglet contact dans catalogue de service.Jm0u

4651 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackadd type in hidden fields of a ticket templateyllenHelpdeskUnplanned

4645 monitoringBugNewOnglet Rapport Simple- Catalogue de composantJm0u

4643 monitoringBugNewonglet monitoring ressources (graph)Jm0u

4641 monitoringBugNewonglet monitoring ressources (graph)Jm0u

4640 monitoringFeatureNewOuvrir les graphiques dans une nouvelle fenêtreJm0u

4634 monitoringFeatureAssignedavoir les rapports dans une nouvelle page.Jm0uddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.84+1.1

4633 monitoringFeatureNewavoir les rapports dans une nouvelle page.Jm0u

4631 monitoringBugNewOnglet Rapport - Catalogue de composantJm0uddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.84+1.1

4622 monitoringBugNewNotification reçu même pour des check en acknowledgeJm0u

4614 ocsinventoryngBugNewProblem with rule engine criteria (is present in GLPI)ddurieux

4610 Generic ObjectBugNewthe readme file doesnt tell to also put apache permissions on the locale directorybenoitmortierorthagh2.3.2

4607 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackMassive actions for knowbaseitemyllenErgonomicsCandidate for next major version

4604 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewPermit to select itemtype used in global searchmoyoCommonCandidate for next major version

4595 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackPermit to complete regenerate Tree Dropdown ?moyoConfigCandidate for next major version

4591 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackadd mandatory fields for infocomyllenManagementUnplanned

4578 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackMore ajax in ticket/helpdesk IHMjmdErgonomicsCandidate for next major version

4577 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureAssignedMassive action : show directly the action when there is only one jmdwebmysterErgonomics0.86

4576 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackIHM enhancement for cartridgesjmdErgonomicsCandidate for next major version

4575 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackHelpdesk : Add quick actions on ticket jmdHelpdeskCandidate for next major version

4574 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackParc - Réseau - Type de port : as a dropdownjmdwebmysterInventoryCandidate for next major version

4573 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackIntegration of DHCP field inside NetworkPortwebmysterInventory0.86

4556 customfieldsBugNewCannot make static method CommonDropdown::canCreate() non static in class PluginCustomfieldsDropdownsItemgaio

4550 ocsinventoryngBugNewCannot create mapping to Unknown types from OCStsmrwebmyster1.0.3

4548 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewAdd new tag for notifications : add day / hour to date tagsmoyoNotifications / AlertsCandidate for next major version

4544 GLPI-PROJECTBugAssignedsuppression d'un élément de parc qui est inventorié automatiquementddurieuxddurieuxInventory0.84.6

4543 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewLink object to KBmoyoUtilsCandidate for next major version

4542 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewModerate KB / FAQmoyoUtilsCandidate for next major version

4541 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewAdvanced search system for KBmoyoUtilsCandidate for next major version

4540 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewAdd writer / view count / create date / update date columns to KBmoyoUtilsCandidate for next major version

4539 customfieldsBugNewplugin fill the log of php errorsgaio

4534 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewEntity name aliasmoyoErgonomicsCandidate for next major version

4527 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackEnhance FAQ / KBjmdHelpdeskCandidate for next major version

4523 barscodeFeatureNewuse barcode on all devices (printer, phone...)ddurieux

4522 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewEnhance history display of objectjmdErgonomics0.85

4521 GLPI-PROJECTTaskNewLoad Js at the end of the pagemoyoCommonCandidate for next major version

4520 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewEnhance followup presentationjmdmoyoErgonomics0.85

4519 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewEnhance notes system in GLPIjmdmoyoErgonomics0.85

4494 monitoringFeatureNewAvoir la possibilité dans les Matériel réseaux de choisir l'ip pour la supervisionJm0uddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.84+1.1

4491 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackPermit to add tasks in ticket templatemoyoHelpdeskCandidate for next major version

4489 GLPI-PROJECTTaskNewReview INSTALL IHMjmdInstall / UpdateCandidate for next major version

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