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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Author Assignee Category Target version % Done
4855 Item UninstallationBugResolvedCan export in PDF when replacing an itemorthaghorthagh2.2.0

4854 GLPI-PROJECTTaskNewUpgrade various libmoyomoyoFramework0.85

4850 Data InjectionFeatureResolvedPort to GLPI 0.85orthaghorthagh2.4.0

4848 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedBug for SLA defined in ticket templates for post-onlymoyomoyoHelpdesk0.84.6

4845 simcardTaskNewGLPI 0.84 portorthaghivamp0.84

4843 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedWrong entity for document added from an itemyllenyllenCommon0.84.6

4842 GLPI-PROJECTBugFeedbackcan change closed date of a closed ticketyllenHelpdeskUnplanned

4841 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackAdd Change and Project in central viewesyllenHelpdeskCandidate for next major version

4840 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackadd Change and Problem in other itemyllenHelpdeskCandidate for next major version

4839 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackAdd an action in rule ticketyllenRules EnginesCandidate for next major version

4837 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackGet menu always on top of screenddurieuxErgonomicsUnplanned

4835 wallboardBugNewcall closed 2013benoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4834 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackAdd link to switch to entity of the loaded objecttsmrtsmrErgonomicsUnplanned

4833 wallboardBugNewerror when creating a query for tickets processing 2014benoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4832 wallboardBugNewerror when creating a task time query in wallboardbenoitmortierddurieux0.84+1.1

4831 Additional ReportsFeatureNewadd new criteria in report Duplicate computersyllenUnplanned

4829 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedcan't change ticket type if predefinedyllenmoyoHelpdesk0.84.6

4827 webapplicationsFeatureNewAdd as associated element of a ticketyllenIntegrationNot planned

4826 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewTemplate for ticket followup / ticket tasksmoyoHelpdeskCandidate for next major version

4825 EscaladeBugResolvedFitrage des groupes et profilorthaghOrkin2.0.2

4823 Plus de rapportsBugNewdon't use $LANG['plugin_mreporting']["error"][0] when no correponding locale entry found for current reportorthagh

4822 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureResolvedadd external link in search engineyllenmoyoInventory0.85

4821 GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackadd plugin in global searchyllenSearch EngineUnplanned

4814 GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedPredefined fields in ticket templateyllenyllenHelpdesk0.84.6

4812 dumpentityFeatureNewWork for GLPI 0.84.5yllenyllen1.4.0

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