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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Author Assignee Category Target version % Done
5310racksBugNewSql errors in report - Bays mngt (export in csv)blerohellec

5309racksBugNewSql error when add Specifications to a Computer Model without PowerSupplies nbrblerohellec

5308GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedChanges and Problems in search engineyllenyllenHelpdesk0.85.5

5307racksFeatureResolvedAbility to add a rack to a projectmtplmtplFramework1.5.1

5306resourcesBugNewField unicityblerohellec

5305GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedTranslation of dropdownyllenyllenCommon0.85.5

5304customfieldsBugAssignedUpgrade from Custom Fields < 1.4 to >=1.6 does not workdethegeekdethegeek1.7.0

5303certificatesBugNewLabel 'Empty for infinite' is not present in .po file(s)blerohellec

5301GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedAutomatic change of statusesyllenyllenHelpdesk0.85.5

5300GLPI-PROJECTBugNewTicket rich text : javascript error when switching to tab "all" orthagh0.85.5

5299Data InjectionBugNewdatainjection and generic objects donesnt work anymorebenoitmortier

5298GLPI-PROJECTBugFeedbackHtml chars in CSV exportorthagh0.85.5

5297GLPI-PROJECTBugAssignedDon't show the "items" tab in ticket form when no rightsorthaghorthaghHelpdesk0.85.5

5296BehaviorsBugAssignedget first group of requester in another entityddurieuxddurieux0.85.1

5294DashboardBugNewwhen the user is not superadmin it got the technician viewbenoitmortierstdonato

5292typologyFeatureNewUpdate to 0.85 versiontsmrtsmr2.1.0

5290GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackAdd the requester as recipient for expire reservationyllenNotifications / Alerts0.85.5

5289GLPI-PROJECTBugResolvedCheck for "fileinfo" extensionremiInstall / Update0.85.5

5287Order ManagementFeatureResolvedAdd option to change Document Name on uploadtsmrludo2.0.0

5286GLPI-PROJECTFeatureFeedbackLog history for pluginyllenCommonCandidate for next major version

5283printercountersBugResolvedDo no create ticket if record is disabled on the printerludo

5280GLPI-PROJECTBugNewIP NetworkyllenInventory0.85.5

5278customfieldsBugNewPHP Errors when deleting a computerblerohellec

5275GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewadd column type in cartridge tab of a printeryllenHelpdesk0.85.5

5274loadentityFeatureNewWrite for GLPI 0.84yllenyllen1.4.0

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