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Secreted input box

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Target version:0.68


I'm used to setup/add password for devices (eg, printers, various network devices, VNC passwords for computers, ...), and tipically i store that password on the note field.

Could be added a simple input box (or think whatever tool you like) that will be visible only for user >= admin? We can call it @@reserved informations_? ;)


Updated by moyo over 8 years ago

Lots of remarks have been done in the forum for such a field.
It is not secure to store passwords in the GLPI DB.

Updated by over 8 years ago

I know that, i'm not speaking about a general bulletproof password storing area, but only a reserved area where i can store @@less critical_ passwords.

Clearly i will not store root or Administrator's password on that...

Updated by jmd over 8 years ago

La nouvelle gestion des droits permettrait de rendre accessible ou non le champs commentaire aux différents utilisateurs

Updated by moyo about 8 years ago

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With the new profile system you could do it.
Saying what only a profile type can see the notes.

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